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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where should I go fishing? Fishing on the Kenai Management Area begins June 11th of each year through May 1st. THIS MEANS THE KENAI RIVER IS CLOSED TO FISHING BETWEEN MAY 1 AND JUNE 11. Some other close-by smaller lakes may be open in this time frame. Other rivers, such as the Kasilof (1.15 hours south) have different fishing seasons. Please see AK Department of Fish and Game regarding fishing regulations in the area. We highly recommend that you hire a guide for the best fishing experience. See our concierge page for more information about booking a guide.


  • Where should I buy my fishing license? You can get one online, but you can also get one here in town at Alaska Troutfitters, Kenai Cache or any major store once you get to Alaska. Note: some retailers may require an extra fee or the purchase of other items to take payment for a license with a credit card (to cover the transation fee). No extra charge for cash transations.

  • Are there locations in Cooper Landing that process fish we catch? Yes, processing includes filleting and vacuum sealing and freezing. Other types of processing like smoking or canning are sent to locations in Anchorage, but pre-arranged at sites here in Cooper Landing. Other smoking and canning processing are in Soldotna (see Peninsula Processing & Smokehouse at These establishments then FedEx the fish at a pre-arranged date so that it arrives to your home after you do.


  • Will my guide process my fish? Most guides do conduct a complimentary one-side filleting, but no processing or freezing


  • Are there freezers on the property? Most do not have extra freezer space except what comes in the fridge-freezer combo. Ask us if there is an exception at your property. In general, please plan to use a commercial freezer space available at several sites in town if you have large quantities of fish to keep frozen.

  • Are waders and fishing poles located on site? Most properties do not have this amenity - keeping lines and lures organized is well beyond the scope of our housekeeping team. Waders are available as daily rentals for about $10-15 per pair and fishing poles (not including tackle) for about $10-20 at Kenai Cache Outfitters, Alaska Troutfitters, and Salmon Run Lodge.


  • Are there toiletries provided in my house? Basic supplies of shampoo, hand soap, body soap, toilet paper, paper towels, trash can liners, dish soap, laundry detergent are all provided. If you plan to use an excess of any of these items or have specific requirements for brands/types, you may want to provide your own to supplement.


  • Is there housekeeping service? Not during your stay, except by special arrangement. Your house will be professionally cleaned before your arrival and after your departure only.


  • Is there a Bar-B-Que grill at my rental house? Most properties have either a charcoal grill or propane grill supplied. Feel free to inquire about the grill details at your rental property. Please do not abuse the grills with excess grease or sloppy sauce all over. 


  • May we sleep or bunk on the couches or floors? No. In general, we have approved your stay in the house based on its maximum occupancy and the bed arrangement's suitability for your group. We do not approve couch- or floor-sleepers without express permission.


  • Do I need bear spray? We have bear spray canisters that are available for your use free of charge, but if you end up needing to use it, please replace it. We may have you sign a liability waiver before lending you bear spray canisters. Please familiarize yourself with its safe use.


  • Where are the best hiking trails? There are hundreds of miles of excellent hiking trails in the area, for all fitness levels and interests. A hiking trail topographic map will be provided at each house - please do not take it with you. These maps are available for sale if you want to keep a copy. We can personally and specifically recommend hiking trails to you.


  • Will my cell phone work in Cooper Landing? Some cellular services have better coverage than others, and data is even more variable, but overall the answer is "yes". The location of your house may play a factor in your ability to make and receive calls and texts at home, depending on the tower your service provider uses. Our familiarity with most services other than Verizon is limited, but you can check with your service provider for more details. 


  • Where can we get groceries? The best selection is in Anchorage coming down prior to your arrival. This is what we recommend for the majority of your groceries. There is a Safeway and Fred Meyer (Kroger) in Soldotna--one hour away. There is a Safeway in Seward (one hour away also), but you will find higher prices there. For munchies and convenience-type goods, there are two convenience stores in Cooper Landing - Wildman's and Grizzly Ridge. For items you may have forgotten or are short on, the Cooper Landing Grocery is available (high prices, small selection, but convenient).


  • Can you stock our fridge and pantry prior to our arrival? We can, for an additional fee of 40% of receipts or $50 minimum + reimbursed receipts, whichever is greater. A 7-day notice is requested so we can appropriately schedule the shopping trip on your behalf. 


  • Are there campfire pits on site? Most of our rental homes have campfire pits. Pre-split firewood and firewood kindling are sold in town at Wildman's and Grizzly Ridge and other sites in town. There are no do-it-yourself ax and saw equipment on premises due to insurance liability reasons. 


  • Do you provide concierge or recreational activity planning services? Yes, we most certainly do - please see our concierge page!


  • Is there a charge for concierge services? Usually not, but occasionally a last-minute request may require quite a bit of hustling on our part to fulfill, and we may have to add on a service fee in that case. In general, there is no up charge or extra fee. Gratuities are appreciated but not expected.


  • What if I inadvertantly leave some of my personal belongings there? We can ship it to your home less actual shipping charges and a minimal service charge withheld from your deposit.


  • When is check-out time and check-in time? Are there any early check-ins or late check-outs? Check-in is no earlier than 4:00 p.m.; check-out no later than 10:00 a.m. at most houses, some may have check-out times of 11 a.m. No exceptions without specific prior approval - feel free to ask, we will accommodate when we can, and won't when we can't. Early entry and late departure without prior approval may be charged at $60/hour against your deposit.


  • Are there board or card games and/or puzzles in the vacation homes? Most homes have some games on-site. 


  • Are there videos or DVDs? Not necessarily, though most homes do come equiped with a DVD player. Wildman's convenience store has nice selection of DVDs for rent, with a deposit. For your convenience, we have our Netflix service logged on at most homes, so that you can watch movies through the provided WiFi at no extra charge.

  • How may I arrive or depart from Cooper Landing, other than by rental car?

    • Alaska Park Connection:​ provides services between Anchorage and Seward -- hire local Taxi Service ( to take to Tern Lake highway junction for pick-up.

    • The Homer Stage Line: (with pick-up service conveniently located at Wildman's Store in Cooper Landing)

    • Go Purple Shuttle:

    • The Magic Bus:

    • The Seward Bus Line:

  • If we need another rental car while in Cooper Landing (e.g., one party needs to go in one direction and another in another), are there car rentals available? No local car rentals in Cooper Landing in 2019- sorry!


  • Where do I go if I need medical attention? Glacier Family Medical (a clinic) in Seward on weekdays; Providence Hospital ER in Seward; Central Peninsula Hospital ER in Soldotna; or Kenai MediCenter (clinic) has Saturday after-hours call.

Note: If sending packages via FedEx Express to 'rural area' Cooper Landing, be aware that they do not deliver to Cooper Landing, but they use 3rd-party USPS for final delivery making the package a day later than expected.

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